Cash or Accrual Accounting for your Business?

While the accrual basis of accounting provides a better long-term view of your finances, the cash method gives you a better picture of the funds in your bank account. This is because the accrual method accounts for money that’s yet … Read More

SyncStream debuts Benefits Analysis Toolkit

Regulatory technology provider SyncStream Solutions has released its new Benefits Analysis Toolkit, which is targeted at CPAs, benefits brokers and HR consultants, and is designed to help calculate and forecast the effects of all benefits offerings on a company’s bottom … Read More

Audit technology evolving quickly at Big4 companies

The major firms are leveraging the latest tools to make the auditing process more efficient. “I would say we all have smart audit platforms or we’re designing smart audit platforms,” said Roger O’Donnell, an audit partner at KPMG, during a … Read More